About Easy Bali Tour

Easy bali tour is a new travel company in Bali, That offers u an easy way to book and enjoy your time in bali, and it wants to be the leader by the travelers who want to come to bali and want learn more about bali, EBT built by a big dream of single person of the people from ubud, his name is TUNIK PANDE, he lives close by ubud with his family, lives in big coumpound, and sorounded by the masters of wood carvings, his villgae located precisly south side of ubud it self and still part of ubud, that village called mas, TUNIK’s village was very famous for their wood carvings product at that time, and every part of the people who lives there is about making an art, make a statue, share the skill, make a mask etc, and buy a statue is one of favourite things that tourist like to come to Bali at that time, and at the end, big problem came to Bali, and changed everything, the bomb in KUTA in 2002, that killed many people in the centre of kuta, and after that his villge ran down and almost bangkrup, the rich became poor, the wise became greedy, that is the life cyckle, and when he started his senior high school he thought about how to rebuild that again, and bring the tourist back to Bali and back to his village, and bring the past life back by introducing them the culture that bali has, but not just that the writer want,
He wants to introduce what the most tourist missed about Bali at that time ,the sprituals life, and that the reason we build this company, provide a way for tourist who wants to learn and feel like balinese, at this time many people get stress very easy, becouse of life pressure, and the life in Bali is learn about that, becouse without sprituals thing human can’t life in harmonis, that is our main actifity of our company, tour with sprituals way, they are always worried about anything, so lets join our tour and feel the nature of the places and relax your mind with us,
Why with us?
Becouse, we want to introduce bali and the culture to u and we treat u like our family member, give u the right way, we offer u very reasonable price of each tour or actifity that u chose, and with very pleasure we will help u to bargain the procuct by the greedy shop keeper, and no time limits of the places, except u want to visit sunset at the end of trip, we have to be hurry, we’ll make everything easy for you, i promise it..
For you who are planing to visit Bali, please let us have the oportunity to lead and escourt you to all interesting places of this beautifull island, the culture, tradition, nature, and spritual, Also we want you to experience and feel the balinese hospitality,
Whether you already have a plan for places to visit, want to have some activities or just want to have one arranged, please let us know, with very pleasure we will help u, feel Bali like yours, no worry, be relax, and lets having fun with our company,

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